EP73: Resell Hubspot (or any SaaS) Easily with AppBind Virtual Credit Cards

In this episode, I talk with Sunir Shah Co-Founder of AppBind.

AppBind has virtual credit cards that let´s you easily recommend and set up SaaS tools for your Clients.

If you have a service business and are always setting up Software for your clients you can now easily set up everything for them and let your clients pay that bill instead of you having to pay the SaaS subscription.

If you create Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads, or Google Ads for your clients you can use AppBind to set up the Ad Campaign Billing yourself (Using Virtual Credit Cards) without losing time Onboarding via Zoom or Meet Calls teaching customers how to input the credit card on the Ad Business Manager on each platform.

This is a great solution for both Agencies and SaaS companies.

Let’s talk.

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